Tips and Techniques

We understand that there will be different end users of the product. It may be speech-language pathologists or other professionals. It may be caregivers trying to help a loved one, or it may be an individual user who is trying to preserve or regain skills.

We have provided some suggestions about how the products can be used most successfully. They are based on our best practices and experience over many years and many patients. Check this page often as we will be periodically adding and changing ideas.

To see the Tips and Techniques, click on the area that best describes who will be using or guiding the use of the products.

 Suggestions for Professionals 

This section lists a number of ways that will help you incorporate the books into your treatment regime. The many speech-language pathologists at Beaumont Hospital have been using these books and in their practices and have discovered a number of important and proven ways to maximize your use and patient outcomes with the products. You might also want to look at the “individual users” section and print the pages. You could then check the appropriate boxes for each person who you are guiding through some exercises.

 Suggestions for Caregivers 

If you are guiding someone who is using the products, we have provided a few ideas on how to choose appropriate exercises and how to use them. You might also read through the “individual users” section if the person you are helping will be using any of the workbooks.

 Suggestions for Individual

Users  In this section, we are listing ideas for the person who is working through the workbooks independently or with a minimum of help. The appropriate strategies can be checked off to remind that person what he or she needs to remember.

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