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Brubaker Books have been highly praised and used by speech-language pathologists and their clients for decades.  All of the perennially popular and new treatment materials by author Susan Howell Brubaker are combined on this website and available through Brubaker Books.

asha2sDesigned by a speech-language pathologist working in rehabilitation, the popular treatment materials for adults and adolescents who have suffered a speech, language, or cognitive disorder are widely used not only in medical settings and by speech-language pathologists – but by educators, caregivers and other professionals. Author Susan Howell Brubaker, M.S., CCC-SLP has worked at William Beaumont Hospital in that capacity for more than thirty-five years – all of them specializing in adult rehabilitation.

In 1974, Susan began her career as a speech-language pathologist at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. asha3sHer caseload was quickly filled with adults who had suffered strokes and related neurological disorders. Finding herself with these highly motivated, fairly high-level patients and few available appropriate materials, she began to develop her own worksheets. Susan worked to make sure the material was suited for adults, that it might key into a special interest, would be thought-provoking and challenging, – but fun, functional, and relevant.

The small pile of papers grew to a large one and formed the basis of the original Workbook for Aphasia – the blue book. The original version was published in 1978 with Wayne State University Press and thus began a long relationship with Beaumont, Wayne State Press, computers, and late-night brainstorming sessions.

Because of the large caseload of patients and staff (now more than 60 speech-pathologists), she was able to see outcomes, observe patients using the materials, and receive valuable feedback. Always a proponent of maximizing a patient’s time in treatment, she conceived the workbooks as a kind of ‘clinician extender.’ Beaumont speech pathologists gave them to patients to work through outside of individual sessions with clear instructions. Checking over the completed pages gave useful information for adding / changing goals, planning, and recommending strategies. By adding extra meaningful hours of brain ‘engagement,’ those who used the workbooks seemed more involved in treatment, had higher satisfaction, and seemed to have better outcomes and progress further in a shorter time. An unexpected and interesting observation was how patients really latched on to their book, carried it proudly with them and showed it to others. They compared book colors in the waiting room and many returned with more pages completed than assigned.

Even with the number of products on the website today, people continue to ask for more materials with an emphasis on one aspect or another. While there is never enough time to create, keep coming back.  You never know when Susan Howell Brubaker will have completed the next project.

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