Targeting Word Retrieval

Seven different and unique books

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NoteTargeting Word Retrieval Book 4 Expressions is OUT OF PRINT AND UNAVAILABLE
Target Population
  • Adolescents and adults from 3rd grade through geriatrics
  • $30 each book   
Features of all Targeting Word Retrieval Workbooks
  • Each has larger easy-to-read print with adequate space for written answers
  • Each book has 78-84 pages
  • A sample is completed for each exercise
  • Answers can be written or stated aloud
  • Some items allow for one or more answers
  • Books progress in difficulty using an expanded vocabulary to address word retrieval and word flexibility
  • An answer key of suggested responses is provided in books 4-8
  • Targeting Word Retrieval books are adaptable for clinical use, for individuals or groups and ideal as a guided home program