Classic Workbook Series

These must-have materials have been a staple in many clinics across the country and world

Target Population
  • Adolescents and adults from 3rd grade through geriatrics
  • For low level to higher functioning brain damaged individuals
Format of books
  • Hardcover ringed binder 8.5” x 11”
  • Easy to read bold print
  • Colorful tabbed sections
  • Updated vocabulary
  • Sample items
  • Answer key
Features of all five Classic Workbooks
  • Literally thousands of changes in each book
  • Great variety of functionally-relevant and interesting exercises
  • Easily adaptable for many uses and levels
  • User-friendly format for all settings
  • Helpful introductory suggestions and strategies
  • No duplication of exercises in any books
  • Each book has a different focus so users can progress and work through them all
  • Ideal for a home program
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